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Our office covers all the sectors of architectural projects, decoration, structural and can provide supervision for indoor and outdoor spaces from the ground up or renovation.

We can cover many sectors of architectural projects such as interior and exterior design and energy upgrades for buildings (private residence, residential complexes, penthouses etc.) office and professional spaces, hotel and rental rooms, foodservice areas (restaurants, taverns, snack bars etc.) entertainment places (café, bars, clubs) retail shops (pastry, bakery, clothing stores, optical stores) private practice, Hairdressing Salons, exhibitions, industrial buildings as well as outdoor areas such as (gardens, yards etc.).



The implementation of each successful project begins with the physical space that surrounds it as well as the need and specificities of each customer.
The space is measured with accuracy and designed three-dimensional (3D) in CAD platform with real dimensions. The study for illustrating the area is done with the correct techniques and aesthetic specifications and is presented in three-dimensional images absolutely realistic including furniture, structures, lighting, colors and materials in an excellent combination.

Once the three-dimensional study is completed and ended up to the final form then all the constructional plans are ready in dimensions and details. The structural plans include floor plans, building facades, sections, electricity and lighting, drywalls, fireplaces, stairs, plumbing, structures, furniture, fixtures, kitchens, bathrooms and everything else is needed to make real the image of photorealism. Once the file of structural plan is ended up and without any changes of the project, then we can determine realistically and responsibly the cost and the completion time of the plan. The structure and completion of the project is undertaken by Mr. Alexandros Lousias who ensures the timetable and the cost of it.

The project is constructed with every detail based on plans of the complete knowledge for the materials and technical specifications and our supervision and coordination of the suitable construction team.

The space is completes with every detail and our main concern is the delivery of the projects to have quality and long duration.