The office “LOUSIAS DESIGN SOLUTION” and its partners staffed by Lousias Alexandros, Architect-Decorator for interior and exterior spaces has been established since 1994 in Kavala.

Our office covers all the sectors of architectural studies, decoration, structure and supervision of indoor and outdoor space from their beginning or even for their renovation.

We are activated on architectural studies, decorations and energy upgrades for buildings (detached houses or residential complexes, penthouses) offices and professional space, hotels and rental rooms, common catering areas (i.e. restaurants, taverns, snack bars etc.) entertainment places (café, bars, clubs) retail shops (pastry, bakery, clothing store, optical store) clinics, Hairdressing Salons, exhibitions, industrial buildings as well as configuration surroundings (gardens, yards etc.).

We offer the possibility of a rounded architecture and decoration proposal and we guarantee the best possible execution of each project.

Our target is the man and the satisfaction he can take from the surrounding area. We have the appropriate knowledge, experience and ability so as to realize everything pretty efficiently for any project we undertake either small or large, wherever it’s locted.

For us each project has special significance!